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Level-up your fundraising campaigns with these materials

About the Campaigns

The following full-suite marketing campaigns have been designed and developed to help you make the compelling case for Federation giving.

Each campaign tells a slightly different story, but the message is always the same. Federation is prepared to meet the ever-changing needs of our communities, through incredible partnerships and the consistent generosity of our donors. However you choose to tell the story, you’ll have all of the tools and materials needed to make it heard.

If you want to adapt or evolve these materials, we are here to help. Reach out to Alexandra Coffey.

Here for Good

An honest, conversational campaign tailored around the questions of what we are here for and what it means to be here for good — both to do good and for a long time — and to prove that, while much of Federation’s work can go unnoticed, we are working hard to keep our communities safe and flourishing every single day.

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We Were Built for This

A confident, unwavering campaign centered around the recent state of events, designed to prove that Federation can and will adapt to the ever-changing needs of our people, and will withstand the weight of a strong and flourishing Jewish community, just as we’ve done for nearly a century.

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