Answer the Call of the Shofar


How Will You Answer the Call?

Over the course of Rosh Hashanah, the blast of the shofar calls to us – not just once, but 200 times – rousing us to a higher purpose. This year, that purpose could not be more clear. And the summons to answer that call has never been more urgent.   

This holiday, as we confront the latest wave of the pandemic there’s another threat to our communities, and it’s gaining momentum. Jewish people and institutions are under attack, whether through antisemitic slurs, hate speech, aggressive threats, or out-and-out violence.   

And still, we must respond to all those in need of food, shelter, comfort, or connection to Jewish community.   

This new year, the needs are great and the charge to defeat antisemitism is more urgent than ever. With each blast of the shofar, we are being called upon, to stand together, take action, and employ every available resource to stop the flood of hatred and bigotry. We must answer the shofar’s call – resoundingly – so Jews everywhere can live proudly. Openly. Free from antisemitism.


The Video

The Toolkit

The following links provide you with everything you need for a comprehensive campaign package. If you would like to further customize any of these materials for your community, and need assistance, please contact Dan Nathan.