Make This Year Different From All Others


"How can we make this year different from all other years?"

We are still facing the enormous challenges brought on by the pandemic. But what if we remind our communities of how from the onset, Federations have continued to meet those challenges with incredible resilience, resourcefulness, and generosity? This year asks that we continue building on what we've created and make it a year of healing.

That's the theme of this campaign. This Passover, in the spirit of the four questions, we will highlight how last year's events were met by Federation communities – coming together in unprecedented ways to innovate, collaborate, inspire younger generations, and find new ways to meet people's growing needs. We ask donors to help make this year different from the last by making it a year of recovery for all with a generous gift to Federation.

The Video

The Toolkit

The following links provide you with everything you need for a comprehensive campaign package. If you would like to further customize any of these materials for your community, and need assistance, please contact Alexandra Coffey.