Let's Make Miracles

The Narrative

Making Miracles Happen

Every Chanukah, we celebrate the miracle of a tiny jar of oil miraculously burning for eight days – the time needed for Judah Maccabee and his followers to rededicate the Holy Temple in Jerusalem after reclaiming it from the Greek army.

This holiday, as we commemorate that ancient miracle, we come together to celebrate our own everyday miracles. In the wake of a tumultuous year, this Chanukah gives us an opportunity to do things we love and have missed - meals with friends, volunteering in our communities, hugging grandparents - to feel grateful for all the little things that now feel big. And with the help of your local Federation, you will also be able to make miracles in the lives of those in need. The holidays are the perfect time to get involved with Federation and make a small but mighty change in your community. 

Like the dreidel says, “a great miracle happened there.” And this Chanukah, we can be sure that great miracles happen at home, too.

The Video

The Toolkit

The following links provide you with everything you need for a comprehensive campaign package. 

The Social and Web Banners: This year, we have designed 3 options of banners for you to choose from, each with a slightly different message around the theme Let's Make Miracles. For an overview of all of the designs, and some recommended social copy to go along side them, view the full toolkit here.

The Videos: Like last year, we have made 8 videos, one for each night. These eight shorts highlight eight ways in which support from members of the community has a real impact on the lives of those around us. We hope the inspirational messages in these videos will make donors feel proud of their gift to Federation, while also inspiring them to continue to give. We have also written some recommended social copy to help get you started.

Designed Emails: We have created a designed email for the federations that have an email service with the ability to send HTML emails. For those of you sending emails through outlook, we have also designed a banner graphic that you can drop into the top of the email to give it more of a designed feel.

Customizations: If you would like to customize the videos for your community, please submit this form. If you would like to further customize any of the other materials that are offered in this toolkit, and need assistance, please contact Dan Nathan.