Re-Engaging Lapsed Donors

We know you care deeply about a thriving Jewish future. Your past support demonstrates that. And the generosity you showed helped many in our community who had lost their footing during the pandemic to begin to regain their stride. Your support helped to shelter, feed, and comfort the most vulnerable among us. It helped to foster a new generation of Jewish leaders and provide meaningful connections to Jewish life for community members of all ages– even when it had to be done virtually. But even as we leave the worst of the pandemic behind us, the needs of our community continue to grow. 

Antisemitism is continuing to rise. The isolation and uncertainties of the pandemic have taken a toll on so many in our community – particularly those who were already vulnerable. For our community to engage in Jewish life proudly, openly, and securely, for our community to continue to develop and evolve into a thriving Jewish future we need your help. We know that we can build a strong Jewish tomorrow if you will stand with us again today.

Tone of Voice: Strong, Impactful, Authentic, Personal, Urgent, Honest, Real

The Video

The Toolkit

According to the Fundraising Effectiveness Project, the average donor retention rate for non-profits is 43.6%. But these are all people who have given in the past and know your federation, so why not take the time to re-engage with them like you would an old friend?

Remember, it is possible that not all the people who gave in the past were your correct audience, so we also recommend taking the time to connect with your IT team or list managers to determine who should be included in this campaign.

This comprehensive package has been designed to provide you with multiple touch points to re-engage with your lapsed donors around the message of supporting Jewish security. All of these touch points are written to engage with donors that have given in the past with the hopes that we can inspire their return to supporting your local community. We recommend sending these emails every 2 months to re-introduce your federation and inspire your past donors to return and re-engage.

This package is not meant to live in a silo. It has been designed to work together with the other Annual Campaign packages to encourage continued touch points and a consistent communication thread throughout the year.

As always, if you would like to further customize any of these materials for your community and need assistance, we are here to provide it. For customization requests, please contact

This package includes:

  • Produced LiveSecure Video
  • Produced Video Catalog (additional library)
  • Fully Designed and Customizable Emails
  • Fully Designed and Customizable Direct Mail letter
  • Phone Scripts



This video demonstrates why the need is so important to provide new support and help to make our communities better, safer, and stronger.

You will see this video built into some of the email templates, but you can also use it in conjunction with the other assets to establish the urgent need to return as a supporter and show how their donation affects positive change



This video is not alone though! We have built a catalog of 13 videos that show the positive impact donations are making at home, across the US, and around the world!