Donor Gratitude

You may never meet those whose lives you’ve changed through your support– but we want to thank you on their behalf because the impact of your generosity is felt every day.

Whether it’s the programs here at home, supporting refugees in Ukraine, or helping Ethiopians reunite with their families, your donation makes a direct impact on lives around the world.

Tone of Voice: Appreciative, Thankful, Authentic, Personal, Honest, Real

The Video

The Toolkit

You have donors who give regularly, but how often are you reaching out to thank them and show them the positive effect that their generosity has? 

We know continued engagement with donors is one of the biggest challenges across the Federation system and is easy to let slip between the cracks, so we have put together this package to help make it as easy as possible! Within this toolkit you will find a suite of 5 emails, each with a different topic that demonstrates the important work their donation is going toward and each with the goal of the donors continued support

We recommend the following rolling schedule for sending these emails that is based on when the first donation is received.

  1. EMAIL 1 (Theme: Ukrainian Refugees): Upon Receipt of Donation (within 24 hours)
  2. EMAIL 2 (Theme: Supporting Diversity & Inclusion): Beginning of next quarter
  3. EMAIL 3 (Theme: Supporting the Needs of Our Community): Beginning of next quarter
  4. EMAIL 4 (Theme: Supporting the diversity of life in Israel): Beginning of next quarter
  5. EMAIL 5 (Theme: Supporting Global Jewry): Beginning of next quarter
  6. Additional (Single Use) Email: This is for you utilize and create your own email around a single topic. Pick and choose which video from our video catalog will go along with the message you are sending (Or use your own video!).

Within each email, you will find links to multiple videos. Each video is written to support the topic of that email and provides inspiring stories that show the true impact of our work. Of course, each video can be customized to your local federation.

As always, if you would like to further customize any of these materials for your community and need assistance, we are here to provide it. For customization requests, please contact



We recommend leveraging these videos within the provided email templates and on your social channels to increase engagement and promote the larger message of positive impact.