Dear New Year - Rosh Hashanah 2022

The Narrative


We’ve been through a lot this past year. From emerging out of a global pandemic, watching our kids back at camp and back at school, to a war in Ukraine. There have been so many highs, lows, and worries over what’s to come.

This New Year brings with it enormous hopes and enormous fears. But what if you could wrap up your community’s deepest hopes, dreams, and needs, and send them off to the new year – and your donors? That’s the theme of this campaign. Using a dream for a better year as its framework, it taps directly into people’s fundamental wishes for a better year ahead – as well as into their inherent compassion for those who are struggling.

“Dear New Year” reminds your community members of the critical role that Federation plays all around the world, and the importance of their own role in that. This year and every year! 

The Video

The Toolkit

This comprehensive package offers everything you need to remind your community members that their gift to Federation truly helps to fulfill hopes and make a better year a reality.

As always, if you would like to further customize any of these materials for your community and need assistance, we are here to provide it. 

This year's package includes:

  • A Produced Video
  • Social Posts & Copy
  • Fully designed and customizable Direct Mail Letter
  • Fully designed a customizable Email Template
  • Outlook Email Header Graphic
  • Designed Banner Ads (With and Without a CTA button!)

For customization requests, please contact