Now We Go Forward

Through days that tested our resolve, we did not waiver

The challenges kept coming: From lockdown to reopening. From peace to war. From certainty to uncertainty. But we kept going, and going.

Will you join us in charting the path forward for our community? 


Tone of Voice: Impactful, Strong, Confident, Unwavering, Authentic, Honest

Use Hashtag: #NowWeGoForward

The Video

The Toolkit

This comprehensive package has been designed for the elements to be used together to create a larger unified multi-channel campaign and simplify your campaign roll-out. It contains elements for almost every touch-point you have with your community with a cohesive look and feel that can be used to inspire your community into action. 

To encourage engagement and donation conversion, have all of these assets drive back to the fully customizable matching Fedweb webpage template. As always, if you would like to further customize any of these materials for your community and need assistance, we are here to provide it. 


This year's package includes:

  • Produced Video
  • Social Posts & Copy
  • Fully designed and customizable Direct Mail Letter
  • Fully designed a customizable Email Template
  • Oultook Email Header Graphic
  • Designed Banner Ads (With and Without a CTA button!)



This year we've added a designed webpage layout for FedWeb users. You'll find it in the FedWeb central library. It is built so that it can be as close to plug-and-play as possible and should be easy to implement into your existing website.

You can preview the webpage by clicking here.

Have the different elements of the campaign drive back to this page in order to maintain a unified message and a cohesive look and feel—as well as optimize donor conversion. Please review our full toolkit for instructions on how to implement these pages!

For customization requests, please contact